Motini Nano E-step White

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Motini - NANO BIKE 
The smallest, cutest and smartest e-scooter. 
The Nano bike is a folding electric bike that is small, light and fashionable. It is designed by an international sports car designer. 

* Top speed 20km/h 
* Range untill 20 km 
* Ultra light, with 9.9kg only, everybody can easily 
carry the Nano bike 

* Advanced design, with 20 designs & engineering 
worldwide patents 
* The ultimate last kilometer transportation, the 
Nano bike can be carried to subway, elevator, 
airplane, office, car trunk etc. 
* Need a 31.000 mah powerbank? The battery is 
also a powerbank to charge mobile phone, tables 
and other devices 
*Available in Space Carbon and White

Max supported weight - 100kg

Max speed/hour - 20km
Brake typ - rear disc brake
Battery capacity - CN 2.6A (10 cells) 
Motor power - 250W
Standard voltage - AC 110-240V, 42V 1.5A

Tyre - Front, rear, 8 inch (inflatable + honeycomb)
Net weight - 9.9kg

Gross weight - 14kg

Product open size - 93x73x47 cm
Product folding size - 73x46x23 cm

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